2019 Bucket List

2019 Bucket List


Kevin is bringing his focus to local gems this year. Included in his bucket list this year are rock climbing at Devil’s Lake and kayaking the Apostle Islands.

Devil’s Lake

Just south of Baraboo, Devil’s Lake is broadly known for miles of picturesque hiking trails, but a lesser-known fact is that offers some of the best rock climbing in the Midwest. There are all sorts of options – bouldering, top-rope climbing and lead climbing for all sorts of climbers – beginner to advanced. With over 1,500 established routes (and counting), there’s no shortage of a new challenge.

Must-have gear: climbing essentials – shoes, rope, carabiners, a harness, a helmet and chalk


Apostle Islands

Nestled just off the northwestern coast of Wisconsin at Lake Superior are 21 islands collectively known as the Apostle Islands. They’re each laden with abundant wildlife and dozens of tree species. The most recognizable features of the Apostles are the towering red sandstone cliffs and archways – and the sea caves that draw in thousands of kayakers annually.

Must-have gear: Wind and rain approach quickly and often, so it’s best to be prepared with wind- and water-proof clothing.



Debra conjured up travel destinations for her bucket list this year that couldn’t be more of a dichotomy: the tropics of Hawaii and the glaciers of Alaska.


A wedding will bring Moshe and Debra to the island of Kauai in 2019 and serves as their inaugural visit to the 50th State. For that reason, they’re especially excited to explore the many miles of glorious trails around the island. They’ll also venture to The Big Island for a visit to the Pearl Harbor Memorial, which is of specific interest because Debra’s father is a survivor of the infamous attack in 1941.

Must-have gear: a comfortable pair of hiking boots



Also a first for the Katz’s is their upcoming trip to Alaska. Details have yet to be confirmed, but they’re looking forward to experiencing the vast landscapes, wildlife and of course, the glaciers.

Must-have gear: layers



Sarah’s bucket list this year includes successfully completing the Three Peaks Challenge in Britain and a visit to Glacier National Park.

The National Three Peaks Challenge demands that hikers’ summit (usually within 24 hours) the highest peak in each country in Great Britain – Snowdon in Wales, Scafell Pike in England and Ben Nevis in Scotland. The total ascent is just over 10,000ft; the walking distance, about 23 miles; and the driving distance, 462 miles.

Must-have gear: It’s Britain. Proper water-proof gear is a necessity for any outdoor adventure! Of course, comfortable hiking boots and trekking poles make this journey more manageable, as well.


Glacier National Park

See below for a description.

Sarah’s must-have gear: With miles of trails and out-of-this-world views, my essentials are a comfortable pair of kicks and a camera


Moshe also has on his 2019 bucket list a trip to Glacier National as well as a trek through Patagonia.

Glacier National Park

So it turns out President William Howard Taft was known for more than getting stuck in The White House’s bathtub. In 1910, the 27th President established Glacier as a National Park. According to the Park’s official website, it was first established as the world’s first international peace park, “symbolizing friendship between the United States and Canada.” Going-To-The-Sun Road is a must-see, where sweeping views of mountains, waterfalls and glaciers dominate the landscape. Over 700 miles of hiking trails also help visitors gain beautiful vantage points of the 26 glaciers currently present (there were 150 recorded in 1850) in the Park (the largest is known as Blackfoot Glacier and is 0.7 square miles in size) and 71 species of mammals.

Must-have gear: really comfortable shoes



There are few bucket lists that don’t include a breathtaking (or breath-giving) trip to picturesque Patagonia, and for obvious reason if you’ve ever so much as glimpsed at an image of the region’s otherworldly glaciers. Often revered as the pinnacle holiday for adventurers, Patagonia features colossal, crystal blue glaciers, a symphony of wildlife quite unlike anywhere else in the world, and swirling, dreamy skies that seem to extend beyond the reaches of our Earthly existence. 

Yellow Wood plans to take you there sometime soon as part of our Divergences adventure travel series - to the southernmost tip of South America, where, nestled along the western coast of Argentina are landscapes so vast and pristine it looks animated.

Must-have gear: wind and rain protection



At the top of Cyd’s bucket list is Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest stand-alone mountain.


At the northeast corner of Tanzania, perched high above the floor of the nearby Serengeti National Park stands Mount Kilimanjaro. Confident and dominating, "Kili" soars to 19,341 feet, is the tallest mountain in Africa and the world’s tallest free-standing mountain.

Must-have gear: Much of the hike to the top is done on loose ground. Trekking poles will infinitely help build traction along the way.


Where will the road less traveled take you this year? Share your travel experiences with us at info@yellowwoodgear.com for a chance to be featured in our blog!

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