The Machu Picchu Series: The Sound of Silence

-by Moshe Katz

We are all busy…sometimes just too busy. How long does it take for the body to break away from the clutches of the 'too busy'? How much longer does it take the mind? For me, nothing makes it melt away faster than a jaunt into nature! Imagine what it will be like to venture into the wonder of Peru, more specifically to trek to Machu Picchu and the sugar on top…I get to do this with my amazing son Gabe! 


It’s always the people that will imprint on us first. The children whose smiles will become addictive, will leave us wanting more. The seniors whose wrinkles will show off their wisdom.  While the smells and tastes will keep us interested, the sights will be magical. We will be fascinated by seeing what nature offers and eventually be captivated by what the ancient Incan built.

There is one more element. Remember the song by Simon and Garfinkel, Sound of Silence? I crave that sound. That space where the sound of silence is both void of matter yet so complex. The sound that allows us to relax while simultaneously urges us to act when others aren’t. Being in nature, deep into that space that leaves you breathless from awe.

Stay tuned for more as we prepare and venture out to Peru!