The Everest Base Camp Series: What are you, some kind of burly mountain man?

In mid-September, a small group of us – in collaboration with Nick of the Woods - are setting off to Nepal for a once-in-a-lifetime trek: Everest Base Camp. Altitude: 17,590. At first thought, the idea was intimidating. After all, Everest is inarguably the most well-known mountain summit in the world; who are we to think we can manage that, even if just 17,590ft of the 29,000 available?

Turns out, you don’t need to be a burly mountain man to take on such an adventure. Meet the Yellow Wood team who’s excited to be both immersed in Nepalese culture and trekking to Base Camp for a couple of weeks.



A passionate dreamer who dabbles in real estate investment, Moshe teaches at MJDS and is co-owner of Yellow Wood. He loves to hike, travel and see/meet the world around us. Moshe deeply believes that cause marketing, quality purchasing and environmental/sustainable products will attract the ideal customers to Yellow Wood. Who needs ‘ho-hum’ when amazing is an option!

Moshe his wife, Debra, and children, Cyd and Gabe, make a point to travel to destinations that take their breaths away. He lives by the motto ‘not to dream your life, but to live your dreams!’ Everest in 2017; Kilimanjaro, Patagonia and beyond in years to come!



Cyd heard the calling of the mountains when choosing to go to the University of Colorado – Boulder to pursue her Bachelor’s degree. She holds the time she spent out there close to her heart and continues to find new ways to answer that call even now after she’s returned to her roots in Milwaukee. She has hiked hundreds of miles in the Colorado Mountains, including a 35 in this year’s Fjallraven Classic, USA.

Cyd and her shop dog Otis manage Yellow Wood in Whitefish Bay. She also works at Atid Properties, a family-owned property management company.

Her spare time is spent traveling, hiking and enjoying the outdoors with Otis, who’s Instagram famous and can be followed at @Otis_Kush.



A lifelong athlete and lover of a good challenge, Sarah grew up on the west side of Milwaukee. Her most favorite hobbies include practicing yoga, reading in her Eno, kayaking, playing with her dogs Lennon and George and enjoying some quality patio time with a glass of something cold. She joined the Yellow Wood team in late December 2016 as our storytelling extraordinaire.

An avid explorer with unquenchable wanderlust, Sarah’s travels have taken her to Canada, the Bahamas, the UK, France, Italy and all over the US. She notes a solo trip to Sedona, Arizona as one that transformed her perspective on life. Needless to say, Sarah’s thrilled to check Everest Base Camp off her action-packed bucket list.

Follow her heel-clicking journey on Instagram at @heelclicks.sehnsucht.