Let’s Talk About Fancy Pants

If given the choice, what pants would you wear to go for an afternoon walk? Would it matter if it was cold or hot, wet or dry, windy or calm or would you just take out your favorite jeans and go?

We have shopped with you in mind, again! We have scoured the vendors and have selected a wide array of options for you to consider.

Here are some issues worth pondering. Pants have a purpose (besides making your butt look great). Some have more pockets, some less (Fjallraven has one with 8 pockets, two are hidden)! Some have drawstring waists and drawstring bottoms (LaSportiva, Mountain Equipment, Mammut, OR and Dynafit) so they can be worn tight around the ankle or hitched up for warmer days. Some pants are ‘convertibles’ (OR & ExOfficio) meaning they have a zipper around the legs to ‘convert’ them to shorts. LaSportiva even makes some pants with a pocket for your climbing brush! Kuhl and Prana pants come in a variety of fits, and styles to suit any outdoor activity. Ten Tree has a philanthropic touch in that for every pant bought 10 trees are planted.

Pants come in a host of materials to make them more utilitarian, comfortable and user friendly. Dish (for her) & Duer (for him) are made with stretch material and they are weather and sweat ready. They are so comfortable, you feel like you're wearing sweatpants but look good enough to attend any ‘downtown meeting’! These pants are also gusseted in the crotch so bike riding and hiking happen with no chaffing! Mountain Khaki have an array of practical materials that are quick drying and stretchy. We even have Nudie Jeans, made with a hint of spandex to make them wearable and functional.

Mosquitos an issue? Not when you wear pants from ExOfficio and Toad & Co! With insect repellent embedded into the fabric, you are good to go for years of outdoor activity with no bug bites to worry about!

Wet outside? We have an array of water resistant and water proof pants that can be worn alone or over another pair. These are also windproof making them ideal for colder/windier days.

We have a large selection of tights from Alo, Vimmia, Kari Traa, Fjallraven, Kuhl and Prana. Not only do they look great on but they are super comfortable and functional. Some with articulated knees, some with tighter functional fit and some even have holes or lattice stitching.

Need something to hang out in? How about a pair of Woolrich flannels or wool sweats from Ibex and We Norwegian? These are super soft and really comfy!

It’s shorts season and we have that covered, too. Almost all the names above plus Barbour, Nau and Saxx (made to have NO chaffing with a unique structure to them).

So, next time you're headed out on an adventure, tell your jeans to jump in the lake because you'll be taking your sweet new fancy pants from Yellow Wood for a hike! Take weather, comfort, practicality and style into consideration. Yellow Wood has what you need with staff that wear what we sell and know all about our brands!

Meghan MartinYellow Wood