Around the World with Yellow Wood: The Patagonia Edition

Around the World with Yellow Wood

February: The Patagonia Edition

Featuring: The Goldsteins 


Working in our shop, we get the enviable opportunity to hear about the incredible adventures our customers embark upon. We hear the feedback of commonly-visited sites and get insider recommendations on lesser-known destinations.


We caught up recently with our friends Mark and Jill Goldstein, who were kind enough to share their latest travel experience with us. 


Where did you travel?

My husband and I traveled to Patagonia last month.


What did you do while you were there? 

Lots of hiking! We hiked to the Mirador de Los Aguilas, the Mirador de Lose Condores, the La Estala Route, the Laguna Capri and much, much more.


What surprised you? 

We were amazed at how desolate some of the areas were. We went miles and miles without seeing signs of civilization. The range of animals in the area was also surprising – pumas, wild flamingos and guanacos, a llama-like animal, were all part of our experience.


What was the coolest thing you saw or did there?

It’s so hard to pick one cool thing, so here are several. Calving of the Perito Mereno Glacier and the beautiful blue icebergs. Hiking the Laguna De Los Tres Trail to see the best view of Mt. Fitz Roy. Staying at Estancia Cristina, hiking the Canyon of the Fossils (Belemnites and Ammonites). There were so many other beautiful views and hikes; the whole trip was just stunning.


What is one thing you wish you knew before you went?

We wish we knew that it may not be as windy everyday so we wouldn’t have worried about it as much. We were very lucky with mild weather and minimal wind on our hikes. But normally, it’s windier and colder. 


What's one item you absolutely couldn't have done the trip without?

My Merrell waterproof hiking boots and of course my Fjallraven hiking capris from Yellow Wood. Also, lots of layers including a windbreaker, are essential.


Anything else you'd like to share about your trip?

It was an amazing experience. Others in our group, even those who were very well traveled, thought this was the most beautiful scenery they’d every experienced! 

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