Hello, My Name Is

Something amazing just happened. A lovely couple walks into a store and the woman is on a hunt for a waterproof item for an upcoming trip to the UK. The store owner carefully listens to what she’d like out of her garment. After trying on four different pieces, she’s impressed, but unsure which, among her favorites, is the right fit. The shop owner suggests, “Why not buy the piece on your trip? There’s something magical about creating that memory.” The couple looks at each other – perhaps a bit taken aback that he suggested making their purchase outside of the confines of the store’s four walls – and agrees that’s a great idea, but they’re one for preparedness. The three deliberate just a little bit longer and the woman proudly selects a beautiful jacket after learning that she can purchase jacket accessories at the brand’s flagship store on their holiday.

Hello, our name is Yellow Wood.

This is what we’re all about. Ensuring your comfortable adventure. Elevating your everyday.

We’re locally-owned and deeply passionate about adventure, the environment, our community and happiness.  For us, the shop – and we use that diction carefully - itself is secondary. Our primary goal is to further strengthen the fabric of our vibrant and gorgeous community. The shop is simply a channel through which we can bring together like minds, curious minds, open minds, adventurous minds, neighbors, travelers and the like. We love being a place where friends drop in with their dogs, first dates are experienced for area (elementary school) students, young enthusiasts and gear geeks come for an education – or a first job – and memories are made.

Intrinsic in our culture is the desire to provide superior service and sustainably-produced, socially-conscious, high-quality, high-value, unique products that aren’t built just the for once-in-a-lifetime vacations, the virtuous journey or the adrenaline-inducing adventure trip, but for comfortably walking your dog around the block in sub-zero temperatures, for enjoying a romantic stroll through our County’s Emerald Necklace or for lounging by the fire at home with good conversation and great friends.

When you reach two roads diverged in a yellow wood, take the one less traveled. We’ll be alongside you for the journey.   

Meghan MartinYellow Wood