The Kilimanjaro Series: Always


Anywhere we’ve ever traveled it’s ALWAYS the people. Yes, the sites and sights are amazing, moving, stunning and wonderful, but it’s the people, the faces that greet you...welcoming you to their home. Moshe shared his mom’s take on his passport/drivers license photo with the immigration officer: “if you feel as bad as you look, go to bed!” The officer shared an authentic laugh.

A member of our travel team explained we have an hour drive with Arusha on one side of the road and Kilimanjaro on the other. After a turn toward Moshi, we drive into the darkness.

It’s physically dark here. It’s 9pm and we are driving to our hotel from the airport. No street lights and little city lights anywhere. Vast flat land and a smell of diesel fuel and burning wood. We’re excited for what’s ahead. A day’s rest tomorrow; the trek begins on Tuesday!

sarah pollack