Why We Pro-Test: Part 1

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” This expression is either a Swedish or Norwegian (maybe even German) saying. We live these words here in Wisconsin where extreme temps range from -25F in Winter to over 100F in summer and where winds can gust over 65mph or more in a local tornado or wind shear or where black ice is common place as are sandals that can be enjoyed for months (so long as you have the right mosquito repellent for your summertime enjoyment).

Yellow Wood is committed to finding the perfect clothing and gear you need to enjoy the outdoors while looking and feeling great. We have searched high and low, traveling across the country and beyond to find you the right products.  The brands we carry are committed to making the best products possible for the right price that should last for years.

We don’t stop at finding the right product; we go deeper and become ‘pro-testers!’ Each of  the owners and all of our staff have spent hours, days, weeks, months and years testing the brands we carry. We wear the clothing and shoes we sell. We hike in the boots and keep warm the in the coats. We venture out into extreme conditions to test out what we sell. We do this for fun, for education and so that we can share with you, our cherished customers, the results of our follies.

We aren’t done. We will NEVER sell you something you don’t need. We will NEVER sell you something we don’t believe in. We will do our best to find you the right size, fit, shape, color, style to satisfy your needs. Over 20% of our business has been in special orders for our customers. That is a very high number for our industry. We take the time to be sure you are happy.

We'll share more of some of the unique treasures we have in tomorrow’s post.
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Meghan MartinYellow Wood