2018 Bucket List

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire,” said Jennifer Lee. For all of us at Yellow Wood, exploring the outdoors is our passion. Here, we share our 2018 bucket list with the hope you’ll be inspired to write your own, explore some of the places we’re excited about or maybe even join us on one of these brilliant adventures.



At just over 14,500ft, Mount Whitney is the eleventh-highest peak in the United States – the tallest if we’re talking just the continental US. It’s located in southeastern California and, as someone who’s spent a lot of time in Colorado and who’s innately drawn to the mountains, summiting Whitney is a natural choice for Cyd’s bucket list this year.

Slightly more technical than anything she’s ever done, Mount Rainier also has a solid place on Cyd’s 2018 bucket list. She’s done a bit of research already on routes, and she’s determined to take the road less traveled in true Yellow Wood PRO-tester style. Cyd will probably use this as a training trek too, reaching 14,400ft in preparation for Kilamanjaro in Fall 2018.

Buckskin Gulch along the border of Utah and Arizona combines two uniquely Southwest characteristics – Navajo sandstone and a slot canyon - to create an otherworldly visual. With walls just 10 feet apart, it’s easy to understand why this canyon – commonly thought to be the longest slot canyon in the world – would be on anyone’s list.

Surprisingly, Cyd’s never been on a Birthright trip. Though she’s been to Israel several times before, she doesn’t want to miss the chance to embark upon this opportunity to deepen her Jewish roots before she surpasses the age limitation of 26.


Last year, Moshe and his daughter Cyd completed an epic trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. This year, Moshe’s son Gabe is calling the shots. At the top of his list is Machu Picchu in Peru, an ancient Incan village dating back to approximately 1450AD. A quick search of the World Wildlife Fund’s website informs that the UNESCO World Heritage Site, also included in the New Seven Wonders of the World list, is comprised of, “more than 150 buildings ranging from baths and houses to temples and sanctuaries.”

We’re letting the cat out of the bag! Yellow Wood has officially teamed up with Satori Adventures and Expeditions to bring you Yellow Wood Divergences: an adventure travel program. In Fall of 2018, we’re heading to Kilimanjaro – the highest peak in Africa, which reaches an elevation of just over 19,300ft. Please stayed tuned to find out how you can join us for one of these amazing adventures!

In a true celebration of the outdoors, Moshe plans to trek through Colorado this summer for the 2nd Annual Fjallraven Classic - USA. The 35-mile, 3-day excursion begins at 10,560ft in Montezuma and ends at Copper Mountain.



A beach vacation. She’s celebrating a milestone birthday this year, and to celebrate, she’s determined to take a break from her chaotic schedule and try out this whole concept of ‘relaxation.’ She’s taking votes – let us know where you think she should go to soak up some rays and enjoy some quality beach time (nearby hiking trails preferred!).

Antelope Canyon. A hobby photographer, Sarah’s been drawn for years to the impeccable landscapes the Southwest has to offer. Next on her list is Antelope Canyon, a magical world not far from Buckskin Gulch, a destination on Cyd’s list.

Yoga Teacher Training. While this adventure is of another variety, it’s something Sarah’s had on her bucket list for about three years now. She’s thrilled to earn her RYT-200 certificate at the end of April.

Sarah and Debra

The warm and omnipresent sun, the impeccable beaches and the unique culture are all reasons both Sarah and Debra have Bali on their bucket list.


Debra’s been to a few small villages in Italy, but she’s dying to explore less-traveled spots to indulge in the legendary cuisine and experience the iconic historic culture.

She too, has been to Israel many times, but she so enjoys her dear friends who live there and the brilliant cuisine that Israel has to offer.

Debra’s next bucket list adventure comes just after Moshe summits Kilamanjaro: an African safari. When asked what animal she’s most excited to see, Debra gleefully shared that she’s just excited to see them all – especially during the great migration.   


Charlie’s keen on trying out skydiving this year for a hearty adrenaline rush.

As a motorcycle enthusiast with a burly beard to match the stereotype, also on Charlie’s bucket list is a cross country motorcycle ride.

Ever the quirky guy, Charlie would also like to explore the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve Idaho. He’s drawn to the fact that not many people he knows have ever visited Idaho, so he’s intrigued by the adventures unknown.

Marty and Susan

Long have the Isle of Man and Iceland been on Marty and Susan’s bucket list. They’re intrigued by both the chess culture as well as the copious opportunities for outdoor adventure.

An avid and seasoned chess player, Marty would love to participate in – or even just observe in person – a chess tournament abroad. Locally, he’d also like to start a chess club for the kids in the neighborhood.

Bozeman, Montana also makes the cut for their bucket list for several reasons. Beyond good friends, it has become an epicenter for the outdoor world. Companies such as Oboz, Duckworth and Mystery Ranch are headquartered in the area.