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Ode to Wisconsin Dog Walkers

You’re a tough breed, oh mighty one.

Through sub-zero temperatures and treacherous winds,

Atop black ice and biting rock salt,

Amongst melting slush,

With hands red and raw,

A leaking nose and frozen toes,

You stay the course

Even through a cough so hoarse.


Venturing out into the whippering winds and blowing ice to give your favorite furry friend(s) some exercise this winter? Here are our top five toasty tips to stay warm from head to toe while walking your dog this winter.

BONUS: The reality is, we live in a state where many of us consider it ‘cold’ for at least six months out of the year. Embrace low temperatures! Having the right attitude makes all difference. Invest in quality products that will ensure your comfort in any condition so you can truly enjoy the great outdoors!

If you’re hoping to find ways to stay warm throughout the cooler seasons, stop into Yellow Wood for great conversation with one of our gear experts.