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THE EVEREST BASE CAMP SERIES: Day 2 - Our favorite things

THE EVEREST BASE CAMP SERIES Day 2: Our favorite things   Day two was as adventurous as one could expect. We made a spur-of-the-moment decision to take a day trip to ...Read More

The Everest Base Camp Series: Day 1 - Salient Observations

THE EVEREST BASE CAMP SERIES Day 1: Salient Observations   We’ve been planning and training for months for this and the day is finally here: we’ve arrived ...Read More

The Everest Base Camp Series: Wonderings - Cyd

About a month ago, I found myself on top of a mountain behind Frisco in Colorado.  It was a 5-mile hike, mainly uphill, with an elevation gain of ...Read More

The Everest Base Camp Series: Wonderings - Moshe

Bucket List, the movie, made me laugh and made me cry…sometimes with little time between the two. Climbing Mt Everest was NEVER on my bucket list and to ...Read More

The Everest Base Camp Series: Wonderings - Sarah

Worried isn’t really the right word… that seems far too strong. I’d rather consider it ‘I’m mentally preparing myself’ or &lsquo ...Read More

The Everest Base Camp Series: Step by Step, Ohh Baby!

At five weeks out, a lot of what’s left is reviewing logistics and tying up loose ends. We’re working with a local adventure group led by ...Read More

The Everest Base Camp Series: Preparations

Six weeks until take off! As you can imagine, a trek of this caliber requires plenty of preparation. While the specifics of our training programs vary slightly, they all include ...Read More

The Everest Base Camp Series: A deeper purpose

Our count is down to seven weeks. We’re all starting to feel the pressure of: am I training hard enough? What am I forgetting in this planning process? ...Read More

The Everest Base Camp Series: Where ya headed?

In exactly two months, we head off on an extraordinary journey. But what do we know about Nepal? Here are 12 interesting facts about this beautiful place and culture.   1. Nepal ...Read More

The Everest Base Camp Series: What are you, some kind of burly mountain man?

In mid-September, a small group of us – in collaboration with Nick of the Woods - are setting off to Nepal for a once-in-a-lifetime trek: Everest Base Camp. Altitude: 17,590. At ...Read More

Let’s Talk About Fancy Pants

If given the choice, what pants would you wear to go for an afternoon walk? Would it matter if it was cold or hot, wet or dry, windy or calm ...Read More

Things we’ve worn in the shower

Without having spent much time parsing through mountains of National Weather Service data, it sure feels like one of the rainiest seasons we’ve had in recent memory. Being ...Read More

Why We Pro-Test: Part 2

Jonah, an awesome customer of ours, is on the Appalachian Trail. We emailed him recently to ask if he's got any needs. When he was able to reach a ...Read More

Why We Pro-Test: Part 1

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” This expression is either a Swedish or Norwegian (maybe even German) saying. We live these words here ...Read More

Be Here Now

  A few weeks ago, I had just enjoyed another amazing meal (best sandwich in Milwaukee!) at Cloud Red when I asked for the check and was handed a tray ...Read More

Ode to Wisconsin Dog Walkers

You’re a tough breed, oh mighty one. Through sub-zero temperatures and treacherous winds, Atop black ice and biting rock salt, Amongst melting slush, With hands red and raw, ...Read More

Hello, My Name Is

Something amazing just happened. A lovely couple walks into a store and the woman is on a hunt for a waterproof item for an upcoming trip to the UK. The ...Read More