Essential Oils: Practical Applications for Travelers

Essential Oils: Practical Applications for Travelers


Essential Oils are nature’s defense mechanism for plants, but they also address our body’s needs and root causes for healthy, empowered living. In 2008, doTERRA (a Latin derivative meaning "Gift of the Earth"), created a new standard of therapeutic quality in an industry that never had one. These Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils provide complex and versatile abilities to combat threats at the cellular level without building up resistance or using synthetic ingredients. doTERRA ensures that it’s plants are harvested in their natural habitats by local farmers around the world, and it's products are verified pure and completely free of fillers and harmful contaminants. Each and every bottle is stringently tested by a third party to ensure authenticity and potency.

The focus of this class with be on basic oils and products that will help promote and support health while traveling---whether it's a day hike, a family beach vacation, or a great adventure.

Talented local educator Susan Richheimer will offer us practical solutions for common conditions and concerns including cuts/scratches, burns, infections, muscle pain and soreness, and digestion and respiratory issues.

Other solutions will include natural replacements for bug spray, sleep aids and immune system boosters.

All guests will also have the opportunity to make their own solution for sprains to take home, as well!

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