Holiday Gift Guide - Charlie’s Picks

Vintage washed and comfy from the moment he first puts it on, you can’t go wrong with the Woolrich Hemlock Cord Shirt II, especially for that hard-to-shop-for gentleman in your life. It offers a casual, rugged look with a subtle, fitted flair of style (shh! We won’t tell him, but he’ll know he looks good).

We’re heading out for a quick backpacking weekend and along with us is, of course, the Nemo Hornet 2-person Tent. It’s fast-packing and ultralight – a mere 2lbs – and offers two doors and two vestibules. With just 28 square feet of floor space, the Hornet offers ample storage space if just one person is occupying it, but be prepared to get creative with where to let your pack sleep if you’re splitting the tent with your trekking partner. In terms of durability, the Hornet offers reliable weather protection for an ultralight with a strong seal along its nylon body and a surprising sturdiness for its supremely lightweight poles. We find this one to have great ventilation, too, which is a welcome attribute in the humid Wisconsin (or wherever your journey takes you) summers.

Adding to our Everest Base Camp Trek-tested gear list, the Mountain Equipment Helium 250 Sleeping Bag is a welcome addition to our holiday gift guide. Much like the Mountain Equipment Dewline Vest, this puppy is heavy on top-of-the-line down (700FP for those who read up on our winter insulation blog!) insulation and nil on weight. It offers warmth without being sticky – as so many highly-insulated bags are – is breathable and has a strong, reliable zip. As with great down, we’re always impressed with how highly-compressible these bags are, but remember – don’t store it in its wind- and water-resistant bag! Good down needs to breathe, so store it in a large, breathable and preferably mesh bag when not in use.

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