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The Everest Base Camp Series: Wonderings - Moshe

The Everest Base Camp Series: Wonderings - Moshe

Bucket List, the movie, made me laugh and made me cry…sometimes with little time between the two. Climbing Mt Everest was NEVER on my bucket list and to be honest, trekking to Base Camp Everest wasn’t either. So, why am I about to embark upon a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I wasn’t even thinking about?

We own an outdoor gear store. We hike in wonderful places and I plan on visiting many more. We call ourselves ‘pro-testers’ because we love to test as many products that we sell as possible. We want to be first hand witnesses to the successes and failures of products we sell. Quite honestly, we have stopped carrying some that didn’t meet our standards and laud and celebrate those that do.

I’m a proud dad and have a daughter who loves the outdoors. When I heard about this trip and asked if she wanted to join me, I saw her nod and say ‘sure!’...there was little else to think about! Imagine taking an 18-day trip, 14 days on the trail, from Milwaukee to Base Camp and back with one of my ‘prides and joy.' 

I also asked a dear friend if we wanted to join us. He had just finished his second Iron Man and jokingly said “let’s go climb something”. Little did he know what I had in store for him. He too is taking his daughter and is equally excited for what’s ahead for them!

Our Sarah, a marketing guru and an amazing young woman is joining us. She will be chronicling our days and sharing a blog! Adding her professional and personal touch will be wonderful!

Two more friends and two more of theirs are joining us too. We will all be witness to each other’s marveling at the awe we are going to encounter!

So…where am I now? Ready! Hopeful that my training will pay off. Confident that I’ve made the right choice for which gear I’ll be bringing (you can read more about that in a couple of weeks) and anxious to just start the journey.

Each year for the past 10, I’ve had the honor of chaperoning the 8th grade class from the Milwaukee Jewish Day School to Israel. Each year I ask them to ‘be here now’! To be in the moment. Not to worry about ‘what’s next’ but to just enjoy what unfolds as it does! I’m eager to ‘be here now’! To finally meet our Sherpas. To see and touch a yak. To taste the foods and feel the trail beneath my feet. I’m ready to make new friends, to see new sights, learn more, grow more and be more, with less oxygen!

I am ready!