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The Everest Base Camp Series: Wonderings - Cyd

The Everest Base Camp Series: Wonderings - Cyd

About a month ago, I found myself on top of a mountain behind Frisco in Colorado.  It was a 5-mile hike, mainly uphill, with an elevation gain of nearly 3,000ft. I had a 40+ pound bag on my back, amazing boots on my feet and all I could do was smile. I was as prepared as I could be and happier than ever because I was back on mountains I love.

People were asking if I was prepared for that hike, and now in preparation for a much more intense hike, people are asking similar questions. But what does "are you ready?" or "are you prepared?" mean? When I was on that trip in Colorado, anything could have gone wrong (and couple things did) and I would've and was still all smiles because what’s there not to smile about? 

In reality, those two questions: "are you ready?" and "are you prepared," could not be more vague. In Colorado there was a day I was prepared, but circumstances changed and I ran out of water… not because I wasn’t prepared, but really, because shit just happens. 

Some people ask with a concerned and questioning look on their face like "you're doing what?! are you ready? how have you been training?" These worried questions are usually followed by asking if I'm using oxygen tanks or, as my dad’s been asked, have you talked to/ gotten permission from your cardiologist. While these are valid questions and concerns, questions like this can be asked about everything we do in life. 

So here’s my answer: yes, I’m prepared. I will have everything I need. I've been training for eight months. I’ve hiked hundreds of miles at various elevations. 

Some people ask with true excitement and awe in their voice and on their face. They want to know if I'm emotionally ready for what I’m going to see: the sunrises, sunsets, suspension bridges, prayer flags at basecamp and toilets with no seats. 

My answer, emotionally, is no. How can someone be emotionally ready to see sunrises and sunsets they've never seen? A photo online can very rarely capture the true beauty of something like a sunrise, but it can help bring back amazing memories to the people who were there. I do have photos from amazing sunsets and sunrises in incredible places that I think are great, but that’s because the photos bring back memories. Until I’m there, I plan on not being ready. 

Do I know what to pack? Of course! I work at an amazing gear store with companies I will proudly be repping on my trek. Do I know exactly what I'll be bringing and have I started packing? Nope, but truth betold, I never know what I’m going to pack for any trip I've ever been. Ever. I will most likely bring too many of one type of top and not enough of some type of bottom, but that’s okay!

I’m pretty care free when it comes to traveling. I joke with my family that I would rather be running through the airport than sit at a gate twirling my thumbs. I always have all the necessities for traveling. If I forget something, oh well. No need to dwell on it, I’m heading somewhere spectacular!